Monday, May 24, 2010

Hanging Rock State Park Excursion

It's that time of year again - Memorial Day Weekend trip to Hanging Rock State Park to endure a mentally and physically challenging course.

I'm hoping to repeat the course we did a couple of years ago .

The course is about 20 miles. A long descent down past the waterfalls and the hidden gorge to the Dan River, turn around and go up the same. Stop at the vehicle, refuel and head up Huckleberry Ridge and down to do the Sauratown loop, which I'd like to run clockwise for the steep descent. Then back up and return to the car, crap out and have a picnic.

The course has 10,000 feet of loss and gain.

This will be peak week for Big Horn, and I aim to go very slowly, walking the hills.


Depart early Sunday morning, hit the trail by 9:00. Take as long as it takes.

Who's in?

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