Sunday, March 28, 2010


"Misuse will force trail closure." I've stated that I have issues with running impacting anything in the Forest negatively. Also, I do not believe I observe Nature less running the trails in the Forest; I confess that every trail is a Nature Trail and I am on the record for weaving my observations there into my very web of life. Finally, do I disrupt the "vibe" of walkers on any trail by running? I try very hard not to.

If there are environmental concerns related to foot traffic, then that means feet...walking or running feet. If wildlife needs to be preserved and restricted access is the best way to ensure that, then I believe it should be restricted access of any kind.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Buskin' the 'boro... a couple of days ago busking Carrboro on St. Pats.

Live from the Open Eye Cafe in Carrboro, NC, this rousing rendition of the Parting Glass sets super new Celtic swamp group, The Harassers, into stellar orbit. Band members include Tweety and Margie on vocals, Half Dome on mandolin and vocals, Goofus, vocals and guitar, and Squonk on scottish small pipes and whistle. The song is set against a backdrop of random TrailHead photos taken across many miles...

You can download a copy of the video for your podthing here.

oh...and here's Nova's video (hi Kyle!)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

...captured January's Little River Trail Runs.

I'm posting this here to remind myself that a lot of folks have cameras...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Base Building Weekend

This was a peak week in the three week build-up intervals heading into Big Horn. I began the weekend with a casual goal to get as close to 30 miles in two days as I thought healthy. More important was to run longer than last weekend's long run of 15.5 miles.

Several times during each outing there were moments where I felt I was just humming along - efficient, good energy, HR and breathing right where I wanted them to be. I'm calling that zone running because I feel like I'm in the "zone." Perhaps I can hard wire the feeling and run there confidently knowing that it's optimal physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Saturday's run logged in at a bit over 17 miles. I felt fine throughout the run.

Sunday's run found me a bit unprepared. I ran late in the day and had eaten very little prior to the outing. Also, I did not carry Nuun and water for hydration. No negative split on this run; I wilted at about 5 miles, crept to the car for some water, hoping to find a Cliff Shot or Gu in my car. Nothing there. So with a bit of water I went back out on the course for another 5 miles. This was a reminder to me that a little loss of nutrition and hydration can lead to a learning moment on the trails.

Sunday's Run

This week is a step down to 12 or 13 and 8. I admit I'm sort of making this up as I go along. The point is to be ready for Art Loeb and take a day to complete that trail.

Generally healthy. Feet a bit sore and ankles tight. Need to spend some time this week on stretching and core.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

...fighting deforestation

News Today:

"Managing and protecting forests must involve the people who live off them", Gabon Environment Minister Martin Mabala said. "Forests are a planetary asset and no longer the concern of individual countries," Mabala said.

Right...I'm ok with that, but there's a risk here - that a Forest, like the one in Carolina North, can appear so small from a planetary perspective. It's the aggregate of many forested spaces, often between urban areas, that makes up vast green space and carbon offset.

From Metrics

As for the protection and management of the forests involving the people who live off them, I agree, but it's not just the people. Aren't we also stewards for the wildlife that truly lives off the forest? Our lives there are enriched by the way we can enter wildness without entirely abandoning the other corners of our lives. That is a unique privilege.

So, for me, this distills down to:

The local forest is important to me. So much so, in fact, that I first try think about its importance as a space unto itself, with its natural inhabitants, welcoming of guests, who are responsible for understanding its global significance while viewing it through a local lens.

yep...that's a riff on Think Globally / Act Locally. How cliche'. Like all the predictable archetypes in Avatar, and the obvious cliche'. Are we so fatigued with cliches that we're no longer moved by their bedrock, essential truths?


..both are home for spring break

Natalie swam this evening, came home, had dinner and left. Off with friends who I know. Her time here is between things...playing with Clarence, hanging out in the kitchen, creating mixes on her iPod to share with folks as she heads over to the Eye to study. Upon arrival from school Friday, she urged to bake cookies, and did. I've heard of a plan hatched to join friends in a tent at Shakori Hills for a spring time festival. Music is at the center of her life. ...and why wouldn't it be?

Duncan came home from the trails of Tsali, camping with friends and connecting with a Gator girl who was on the USA team with him. They did the MTB thing. He endoed and crashed a shoulder and is now resting comfortably in the same room where once I sat in the dormer of before it was a room, remembering the very day I ran the ridge of the roof over it...thinking...this'll be a kid's room one day...and, mostly, it's for a westward view over the string of trees that separate our lot from the field next door and the view of the garden beneath it...but not's got a big kid in it...

...Paula's sleeping

...Clarence is sleeping...

Natalie's due home shortly

figure I'll walk around the house...I've done that a few times...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Recovery Trail Run

Warm evening for running trails. I thought I'd see more folks "out there" but didn't mind the solitude. The trails are in great shape. Even the airport side of NeverLand is dry. That's likely to change in the next 48 hours.

Garmin Readout

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Base Building

Lovely weekend in the Forest for a couple of back to back longish runs. Some quiet time "out there" allowed me to reflect on whether my head's in the right place for building base for Art Loeb in April and Big Horn in June. Thoughts ranged to other subjects including work, family and the community of runners and cyclists "out there." One of the salamander egg sacs now has yellow spots in it...that's kind of far out. The weather this weekend was great. The garden is drying out and we should start seeing peas pushing through in a couple of days. The daffodils on the Banshee trail are opening up.

A bit of tendonitis still beneath the right heel. I ran in the Wildcats yesterday and the Masochists today. Not sure which I prefer, but I think it may be the latter of the two.

Here are the Garmin Metrics for this weekend.

Saturday Trails

Sunday Trail

Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Endurance Magazine article written January 2009, a couple of weeks before deciding to cancel the race calendar until November 2009.

Trail Time's mostly about how centering a run in the local forest can be...on so many levels...

[Link to PDF of article]

A Season For Running

[An outline of thoughts for a discussion of goals about running "seasons" with the No Boundaries running group at Fleet Feet Carrboro, Wednesday evening, 2/3/10.]

A conversational topic that will touch on goal setting for a running season within the variable seasons of life.

1. The Running Season: gradual progression and conditioning to a determined goal.
a. Training for a calendar year with a peak race in mind
b. A good plan with markers along the way
c. Support – training, knowledge, experience

2. Tracking Progress for the season: GARMIN metrics
a. Pace / Distance / Heart Rate / Maps
b. Google Earth – the Forest - a special location
c. Google Earth – the bigger picture - personal metrics in perspective

3. Feb 2009 – Boundaries / Open Doorways
a. Uwharrie 2009 – Boundary / Limitation
b. Opening of other doorways
c. Resolutions: Let GO!
i. Withdrawal from all events until 11/2009
ii. Family events
iii. Garden
iv. Volunteer Uwharrie 2010

4. Feb 2010 – The Running Season in Review
a. Successful High School Graduation (daughter)
b. Successful Garden – best running trophy ever

c. Successful Launches: Son to house for senior year in college, daughter off to college
d. Transition to Empty Nesting: New Trails & 7 Bears encountered on the Shut-In Trail
e. Uwharrie 2010 – Aid station volunteer – different activity - Friends and son's finish

5. Observations: Last year’s running season wasn’t what I expected. But running through a season of life, with running as a structure for healthy activity opened new opportunities when I encountered limitations. I had time to think about this stuff and process it on the trails. Friends helped me along the way.

Phrase to listen for: Am I running because I want to or because I have to?

Question: Am I living for my running season or running for the season’s of my life?

(...don't surround yourself with yourself....move on back two squares....)