Sunday, June 20, 2010

Big Horn 2010

legs dropped off during the 50 miler and I missed the cutoff at Dry Fork, DNFing after 34 miles. (come to think of it, that's my first DNF...hmmm)

I'm ok with this...we're all in Big Horn, Wyoming, heading down to Estes and Rocky MTN Natl Park later today.

Duncan placed second overall in the 30K - his longest racing distance ever. He didn't train and is beaten up...that's what you get for pushing raw talent to the limit without giving the raw talent a little more respect...not that I know anything about that...

Mike Murray and Leo (from Durham) both finished the 50K in good stead.

This is a marvelous part of the world. I'm amazed at the race support, and the way horses and humans cooperated to stock aid some very remote aid stations. I'd like to do that....stock up a horse with water and stuff, head into the mountains about 20 miles from nowhere, pitch a tent and hang out there for a couple of days filling water bottles, cooking food, keeping folks moving...

pictures from the day

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