Monday, July 12, 2010

Squonk takes age group win in 5K!

...was nursing a chest cold during the family gathering on Topsail Island...still...won my age group at the Surf City 5K on last Saturday. Entirely run on the beach, I squared off against my brother-in-law for the division and secured victory by about half a minute. (Like, we were the only two in the age group). Hence, I've decided to scrap ultras and trails and become a 5K beach running professional. Duncan won by 4 minutes or was fun. A nice event - $10, loosely organized. As I was about to pin on my number I looked up to see the American flag and right beneath it the Confederate Battle Flag. That caused some consternation, so I pinned my number upside down, mumbling that this was in protest of seeing that flag, regardless of its heritage, at a municipally sponsored event. Five minutes before the race start the flag was lowered and stowed; I put my number right side up. For winning I received a very handsome medallion and Waffle House water bottle. Yes, Waffle House was a primary sponsor and they had sausage biscuits for all after the race. One of the largest runners - big feet - received a pair of giant bear-claw looking booties....I was envious and am wondering how I might train to improve my foot size should I return to defend next year...actually, I age up...damn...maybe I'll be the only guy in my age group and then can race myself....

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