Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Trails

Here's the Garmin readout on today's run:

Saturday TrailHead Club Run

A real nice outing, with a lot of new folks.

Eric - drives a '65 Triumph. Michael Baucom joined us at Wilson. Kelly, Juice, Jessica, Katie, Holly, Zephyr, Manica, Carrie all running strong. "Starry" from Iceland. Goofus, without Squirky...who had surgery for blockage due to too much bone. We met up with Gilly and Willow on the trails and saw Ghost and Alan Glazner "out there" along with Galoot and his wife...I forget her name, that's terrible.

Talked with Mike Murray about Big Horn. He'll be driving up from Denver.

First outing on the La Sportiva Wildcats. Still a bit of heel pain but there's more cushioning so it's not quite so bad.

The salamander egg sacs are growing and still safely in tact on the Wormhole.

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