Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Season For Running

[An outline of thoughts for a discussion of goals about running "seasons" with the No Boundaries running group at Fleet Feet Carrboro, Wednesday evening, 2/3/10.]

A conversational topic that will touch on goal setting for a running season within the variable seasons of life.

1. The Running Season: gradual progression and conditioning to a determined goal.
a. Training for a calendar year with a peak race in mind
b. A good plan with markers along the way
c. Support – training, knowledge, experience

2. Tracking Progress for the season: GARMIN metrics
a. Pace / Distance / Heart Rate / Maps
b. Google Earth – the Forest - a special location
c. Google Earth – the bigger picture - personal metrics in perspective

3. Feb 2009 – Boundaries / Open Doorways
a. Uwharrie 2009 – Boundary / Limitation
b. Opening of other doorways
c. Resolutions: Let GO!
i. Withdrawal from all events until 11/2009
ii. Family events
iii. Garden
iv. Volunteer Uwharrie 2010

4. Feb 2010 – The Running Season in Review
a. Successful High School Graduation (daughter)
b. Successful Garden – best running trophy ever

c. Successful Launches: Son to house for senior year in college, daughter off to college
d. Transition to Empty Nesting: New Trails & 7 Bears encountered on the Shut-In Trail
e. Uwharrie 2010 – Aid station volunteer – different activity - Friends and son's finish

5. Observations: Last year’s running season wasn’t what I expected. But running through a season of life, with running as a structure for healthy activity opened new opportunities when I encountered limitations. I had time to think about this stuff and process it on the trails. Friends helped me along the way.

Phrase to listen for: Am I running because I want to or because I have to?

Question: Am I living for my running season or running for the season’s of my life?

(...don't surround yourself with yourself....move on back two squares....)

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