Thursday, March 11, 2010


..both are home for spring break

Natalie swam this evening, came home, had dinner and left. Off with friends who I know. Her time here is between things...playing with Clarence, hanging out in the kitchen, creating mixes on her iPod to share with folks as she heads over to the Eye to study. Upon arrival from school Friday, she urged to bake cookies, and did. I've heard of a plan hatched to join friends in a tent at Shakori Hills for a spring time festival. Music is at the center of her life. ...and why wouldn't it be?

Duncan came home from the trails of Tsali, camping with friends and connecting with a Gator girl who was on the USA team with him. They did the MTB thing. He endoed and crashed a shoulder and is now resting comfortably in the same room where once I sat in the dormer of before it was a room, remembering the very day I ran the ridge of the roof over it...thinking...this'll be a kid's room one day...and, mostly, it's for a westward view over the string of trees that separate our lot from the field next door and the view of the garden beneath it...but not's got a big kid in it...

...Paula's sleeping

...Clarence is sleeping...

Natalie's due home shortly

figure I'll walk around the house...I've done that a few times...

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