Monday, March 15, 2010

Base Building Weekend

This was a peak week in the three week build-up intervals heading into Big Horn. I began the weekend with a casual goal to get as close to 30 miles in two days as I thought healthy. More important was to run longer than last weekend's long run of 15.5 miles.

Several times during each outing there were moments where I felt I was just humming along - efficient, good energy, HR and breathing right where I wanted them to be. I'm calling that zone running because I feel like I'm in the "zone." Perhaps I can hard wire the feeling and run there confidently knowing that it's optimal physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Saturday's run logged in at a bit over 17 miles. I felt fine throughout the run.

Sunday's run found me a bit unprepared. I ran late in the day and had eaten very little prior to the outing. Also, I did not carry Nuun and water for hydration. No negative split on this run; I wilted at about 5 miles, crept to the car for some water, hoping to find a Cliff Shot or Gu in my car. Nothing there. So with a bit of water I went back out on the course for another 5 miles. This was a reminder to me that a little loss of nutrition and hydration can lead to a learning moment on the trails.

Sunday's Run

This week is a step down to 12 or 13 and 8. I admit I'm sort of making this up as I go along. The point is to be ready for Art Loeb and take a day to complete that trail.

Generally healthy. Feet a bit sore and ankles tight. Need to spend some time this week on stretching and core.

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