Sunday, March 7, 2010

Base Building

Lovely weekend in the Forest for a couple of back to back longish runs. Some quiet time "out there" allowed me to reflect on whether my head's in the right place for building base for Art Loeb in April and Big Horn in June. Thoughts ranged to other subjects including work, family and the community of runners and cyclists "out there." One of the salamander egg sacs now has yellow spots in it...that's kind of far out. The weather this weekend was great. The garden is drying out and we should start seeing peas pushing through in a couple of days. The daffodils on the Banshee trail are opening up.

A bit of tendonitis still beneath the right heel. I ran in the Wildcats yesterday and the Masochists today. Not sure which I prefer, but I think it may be the latter of the two.

Here are the Garmin Metrics for this weekend.

Saturday Trails

Sunday Trail

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