Thursday, March 11, 2010

...fighting deforestation

News Today:

"Managing and protecting forests must involve the people who live off them", Gabon Environment Minister Martin Mabala said. "Forests are a planetary asset and no longer the concern of individual countries," Mabala said.

Right...I'm ok with that, but there's a risk here - that a Forest, like the one in Carolina North, can appear so small from a planetary perspective. It's the aggregate of many forested spaces, often between urban areas, that makes up vast green space and carbon offset.

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As for the protection and management of the forests involving the people who live off them, I agree, but it's not just the people. Aren't we also stewards for the wildlife that truly lives off the forest? Our lives there are enriched by the way we can enter wildness without entirely abandoning the other corners of our lives. That is a unique privilege.

So, for me, this distills down to:

The local forest is important to me. So much so, in fact, that I first try think about its importance as a space unto itself, with its natural inhabitants, welcoming of guests, who are responsible for understanding its global significance while viewing it through a local lens.

yep...that's a riff on Think Globally / Act Locally. How cliche'. Like all the predictable archetypes in Avatar, and the obvious cliche'. Are we so fatigued with cliches that we're no longer moved by their bedrock, essential truths?

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